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Kloeckner Metals UK host incredible Made in Yorkshire breakfast morning!

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Made in Yorkshire members were able to start February with a bang as Kloeckner Metals UK opened up their prodigious production facility in Leeds for a breakfast morning.

Kloeckner welcomed around 30 decision makers from Yorkshire manufacturing and engineering companies to network, share best practice and enjoy some breakfast! When asked about the attendance Regional Manager for Kloeckner Metals UK - Joe Newman praised the diversity of sectors of those who attended. “In comparison to some other groups Kloeckner Metals UK are involved with it was nice to have a session not just with our competitors and suppliers. The conversations we had today were different because the focus was on networking and really talking to understand each others businesses.”

After breakfast, Joe Newman led a short presentation about innovation and the future at Kloeckner. He spoke about how Kloeckner Metals UK have stepped away from the traditional view of a steel stockholder and moved more into client focussed solutions, For Kloeckner it is now important to know what the end use of the material is to see if they can offer better solutions from the beginning.

Joe also touched on the importance of technology for the group and the launch of a new online portal for customers. The portal ranges from online orders, through to price estimation through to document storage so clients can see all past and current invoices. The team have ambitious targets for the growth of the digital side of the business and are currently on track to reach them.  

To end the morning everyone wrapped up warm and put on their helmets and safety boots ready for the factory tour. Six members of staff from Kloeckner Metals UK took small groups around the vast site and demonstrated their best practice. The group were able to see the full spectrum of Kloeckner Metal UK’s work from seeing how the stockholding side of the business is organised through to the full product manufacture of structural beams in Westok.

At the end of the event we sat down with Regional Manager Joe Newman to see what his thoughts were on the morning. He stated “It’s been a great morning, we have been able to hear how others view the state of their sectors currently and from the feedback everyone is actually surprised about what Kloeckner Metals UK are about, what products and services we can offer and the scale of the operation so it was definitely worthwhile”

Joe’s piece of advice to any other members looking to host their own breakfast morning would be ‘To have a good number of your own staff available for the morning to mingle; even with 5 of us it was hard to get round to the entire group to talk to everybody as much as you may want”.